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What is Electronic Marketing?

What is Electronic Marketing?

By on Oct 26, 2016 in Marketing, Uncategorized |

So you may be asking the question ‘What is Electronic Marketing?’. Well, electronic marketing, otherwise known as e-marketing, is made up of various subcomponents. Online marketing is obviously one of those key elements as businesses build and then have to maintain their company websites in order to promote themselves, their products, & the services they offer. Search engine optimization is very important as it’s all about improving your presence on the web. Making sure that your website is structured correctly int
ernally is just one aspect. There are so many places to get your name out there on the internet so paying for listings on other websites, registering ads with different search engines and blogging, are just a few of the things that can help.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important part of the electronic marketing. If you are not signed-up to a particular business website, they are still able to get-hold of your email address through 3 rd -party providers. This allows them to contact you with any promotions and special offers. It’s a great way of grabbing people’s attention. Although people nowadays see this as SPAM and may avoid, there are a lot of people who will read these emails and then decide to visit your website to check out the offers. Companies who have their own subscribers are able to send out frequent newsletters to keep their customers engaged and update with their latest products.


Mobile & Social Media Marketing

Mobile marketing is the use of digital applications such as text messaging and other chat platforms, to communicate with customers who have decided to opt-in. Companies will use database technology to analyse customer data so that they can create an effective strategy. Having a social media presence is hugely important. This enables you to interact in real-time with your target audience through different social media outlets such as Twitter & Facebook.

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